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  • Free shipping - boost your immune system today


Based on 31 reviews
I like the blanket

I am in love with my blanket

I love it

Love it so much! !

Love my Sauna Blanket! SO much worth it. Looks great and love the brand, great product and works well.


I cannot recommend this sauna enough. 5 Stars. Fast shipping as delivered in 7 days to East coast US

Best buy for me this year

I bought one for myself yet the wife and kids are arguing who can use it next (after me!). Xmas doesn't arrive soon enough I reckon.

I love it

I used one at my health spa and it works just as well. It feels amazing and my helps with my joint pain

I would leave 10 stars

It worked right out of the box. Great! Thanks.

It seems strange but it WORKS

The hard part for me is getting out of it! My son uses it too. For anyone wondering, You should use some towels inside it to separate yourself from the blanket before you start your sauna session. It heats up nicely and I use mine nearly every dayI lost about 10lbs in a month from using it regularly preparing for my daughters wedding. Just in time. Highly recommend. Great investment for the price and I would buy again


Feels great, Definitely makes you sweat. Thanks! Wish I had bought it sooner during the lockdown

Relaxing and Does everything it says

I have had mine for a week now i go in it every night before i go to bed. It helps relax me and the heat feels amazing i love it

Glowlife™ Salon Edition Infrared Sauna Blanket
The spa treatment at home! for a fraction of the cost

I love visiting saunas at spas however I don't get to go that frequently. I love my personal sauna. So relaxing and invigorating! I use it every other day and I feel the results immediately. When I'm feeling like a cold is coming on, I feel like it helps keep me healthy. Best purchase ever!!


It works wonders for my Arthritis. I think it's great for right now as I need to stay healthy and maintain my immune system. Very relaxing to use

Just like a real Sauna! it heats up so nicely

We love our new sauna blanket! It feels exactly like you’d feel getting out of a stand up sauna. I love it more because you can lay down and relax!

Brilliant. Thanks so much!

I love love it!!!! My joints where inflamed but since I’ve been getting in my Sauna twice a day I’m finally feeling wonderful again and that’s no hype!! Great investment indeed

Highly Recommend

Fast Shipping and good customer service. Thanks for answering my questions quickly. Would recommend :)

The best purchase for anyone who priorities health and wellness

I had a 10 pack deal at a salon and once that was up, to buy more was a fortune. I took a chance on this and have had it for a couple of weeks now and LOVE it! It works just as good as those at the salon and I get to be in the comfort of my own home. If you haven't used one before, wear long sleeves, long pants and socks. I have mine on 70 but 65 is good too...and I stay in for 55 minutes (reading or watching tv). Most of the sweat gets absorbed by the clothes and then I wipe it down after with hydrogen peroxide wipes. I'm very happy with this purchase. Cheaper than the cost of 10 more sessions!


Item was deliver as advertised! No strong smells, the material and construction looks good. Heats up quickly. My 6' foot tall husband fits in it. So far, I'm very happy with it!

Love it

I am very impressed with this product, it is just like the professional model I used at a wellness center in town. Works great, the whole family is using it. It is really making a difference in my family's state of health.

The best investment for health

Thanks, Fast shipping - ordered it on Sunday and got it on Wednesday. Exactly what I needed!!!! This is better than a sit down sauna because it folds up and can be stored easily You can either sit up or lay down. I also cover myself with a couple of blankets to get the full effect and not let any heat out. This sauna really helped me reduce water retention, and regain my energy after losing my thyroid function for a time.


I have had infrared sauna blankets for over a decade now, I have had quite of few of them and by far this is the best one I have ever had. Worth the purchase!

Thank you

Excellent packed, came quickly, Recommend


Very impressed with this Infrared Sauna. Great for my muscle recovery and helps with post workout recovery.

Very relaxing and works up a sweat. Lost pounds already

Hi- My sauna blanket is so relaxing! I sweat, I nap, I shower! I feel refreshed and my skin looks great

It's worth it

Fast shipping, ordered Monday and got it on Thursday

All good

So far it is so good. I have tried it for a week, At first I was concerned it might not get hot enough for me, but it gets really hot in a short time like minutes. What's more, it feels really comfortable when using, And the outer layer is high-grade PU material, which impressed me at such price.
So far, I did feel the improvements in sleeping. Would recommend it.