• Free shipping - boost your immune system today
  • Free shipping - boost your immune system today

Health Benefits


  1. Far Infrared heat detoxes and cleanse the body of built-up toxins and body fat

  2. Relieve stress and anxiety - naturally increase serotonin (happy feelings) and decrease cortisol (stressful feelings)

  3. Boost metabolism and burn up to 600 calories per hour - without working out!

  4. Anti-aging - boost collagen and enhance your skins natural glow

  5. Soothe sore muscles and joints while increasing blood flow and circulation

  6. Say hello to a good nights sleep - increase your bodies natural ability to wind down and rest

  7. Reduce inflammation and skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne)

  8. Promotes perspiration: We know that sweating is good for the body this is because toxins leave your body when you sweat.

  9. What you sweat in a 10 minute session in a sauna blanket is equivalent to a 30 minute walk.

  10. Stimulates and promotes antibody: Infrared sauna helps to stimulate and promote the body’s natural ability to fight infections, viruses and bacteria.

  11. Increases metabolism: Infrared saunas stimulate and speed up metabolism and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

  12. Helps with weight loss: Infrared sauna detoxifies and burns and melts excessive fats fast and safe.

  13. Improves blood flow and circulation

  14. Helps to promote quick recovery after exercise

  15. Helps with skin rejuvenation, regeneration and healing

  16. Is great for relaxation

  17. Helps with pain relief from back pain, arthritis, lyme disease, sore muscles and joints

  18. Helps to heal deep tissue by supplying them with oxygen

  19. Can help with cardiovascular problems

  20. Helps to reduce stress and fatigue because it produces deep relaxation…you may even fall asleep in a sauna session.

  21. May also help to reduce cellulite if not completely eliminate it.

  22. Helps with high blood pressure

  23. Helps with rheumatoid Arthritis

  24. Improves body constitution and boosts energy

  25. Improves and boosts body immune system and help to prevent growth of cancer cells

  26. Relaxes muscle spasms

  27. Is great in winter and cold season

  28. Helps with detoxification thus promoting clear and glowing skin

  29. Is also found to help combat acne by supporting the body’s own detoxification

  30. Quickens Lipolysis: It removes excessive fats from your tummy, waist, hip, arms and legs

  31. Acts as physical therapy for Myalgia and Neorosis

  32. Diminishes inflammation

  33. Helps with sleeping disorder

  34. Brings feelings of wholeness, health and wellness