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How To Create the Perfect Environment For Your Mind and Body This Fall.

How To Create the Perfect Environment For Your Mind and Body This Fall.

Naturally, the temperature and the environment that the fall and winter seasons bring it is no surprise that you want to stay at home, warm in the comfort of your favourite place. However, it is also important to ensure that these conditions do not sway you on your journey for better health and well being. Now would be the perfect time to learn about some detox beverages, teas and waters, to invest in a sauna blanket and to pick up a recipe book on how to prepare and cook the healthy food your body and mind truly does deserve.

It could be as simple as warm Lemon and Ginger water, while watching your favourite show in your sauna blanket after a hard day's work, settling down to rest for the evening can be productive and beneficial, it doesn't always have to be pushing yourself beyond capacity. The sauna will assist you with burning those extra calories at no additional strain on you.

Here is one of our own favourite and simple beverages that is also loved by many, an excellent starting point: 

  • Ginger
  • Lime
  • Lemon
  • Cucumber
  • Still Water

With the beverages clearing your body of toxins, providing vitamins, minerals and electrolytes and the sauna soothing your aches and pains from your work out, this in itself is a tremendous recipe for recovery while keeping it as natural as possible. It is easy to buy and consume products that are marketed to seem like the thing you need for your body, but then it is actually regressing the progress you are making via your clean diet, hard work and discipline. The addition of unnecessary chemicals to a pristine and organic diet can be detrimental to the outcome you are working towards, but in certain instances the natural and scientific medicines do synergise and it is powerful. CBD products, infrared sauna, diffusers, all birthed into existence by the marriage of both methods of treatment, so it is a matter of being discerning and determining what is best for your wellbeing. The use of technology is also key, social media can connect you to people and influencers who can guide and teach you a variety of new methods to work on yourself, whether it's yoga, nutrition, weight loss, spirituality, there is an amazing community on Instagram for each of these criteria's. For an all round option, you have accounts like our own, that provide a wide range of information on health, fitness, lifestyle, natural medicine and  much more all compiled and posted in the one place, making it as convenient as possible for those committed to their journey of self-improvement.

So, if you haven’t started then there is not a better time than now, with information and knowledge at your disposal right there on your phone, you can become who you want to be and feel who you want to feel in no time, provided you persevere and remain as disciplined as possible. If you have some fruit in the fridge or already have a sauna blanket on its way to you, you have made a great start already!


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